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The president of the International Service Trade Association, Shi, Zhenjin, visit Haiwei Liquor Trading Market

  In the morning of March 26, the President of the International Service Trade Association, Shi, Zhenjin, and the Director of the Bureau of the Harbour Bureau, and other leaders visited the Haiwei Liquor Trading Market.

  Mr. Shi and Mr. Yin and his party understood the operation mode of Haiwei Liquor Trading Market and affirmed Haiwei’s philosophy of “Let the whole Chinese drink less than fake wine”. The leaders said that they hope that the company will boldly innovate and propose new development ideas. The International Service Trade Association will support and cooperate with each other, provide cooperation resources and outsourcing support, and maintain communication.

  Since its establishment in Tianjin Free Trade Zone in 2009, Haiwei Liquor Trading Market has played a leading role in the Tianjin Free Trade Zone and its various policy advantages. It has developed steadily with the support of the Tianjin Free Trade Zone Management Committee and relevant functional departments.
  As the only platform for the Chinese government approved the business qualification of the “liquor trading market”, it implements a business model of changing international trade points and membership direct sales, providing domestic distributors with a platform for the primary market to create safe and secure consumption for consumers. The environment plays an active guiding role in legalizing, standardizing and standardizing the operation of China's imported liquor market.

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