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Mr. Dongbai’s Visiting Log

  On May 17th, under the invitation of Wang Rutian of Tianjin Haiwei Liquor Group, Mr. Yan Yong, the head of China Beidou Scientific Research Project, Professor Zhang Bohua from Capital Normal University, and Mr. Bai Yanqi, President of Nanjing Angel State, visited the liquor group company.

  Tianjin Haiwei Liquor Group is the largest and most powerful international trading market in China.
  To create a brand for international wine products to enter China, to occupy the market to provide the most legal and fastest trading platform.
  Providing a low-input, high-return, zero-risk career platform for domestic entrepreneurs, transformation, and development professionals. Provide a most Legitimate, directly selling, safety and high quality international wine and spirits platform for all consumers.

  To ensure the safety of wine and sprit products and guide the operation of the legalized, standardized and standardized operation of the imported liquor market. Also to change the international liquor trading point, integrate free trade, bonded trade and traditional trade, membership system, 020 direct trading business model.
  The national government supports the Belt and Road project.More than 2,000 Haiwei liquor outlets nationwide, Internet shopping malls, cross-border e-commerce plaza and other resources supporting resources.
   Mr. Qi and his party visited the company's 23,000-square-meter office building, wine specialty counters and liquor warehouses, office administrative areas, living and entertainment fitness equipment and other facilities, equipment and other areas, highly praised.

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