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Zhang Honggang, vice president of Pangoo Group, and other leaders visited Haiwei Cross-border E-commerce Center


   On May 23, 2019, Zhang Honggang, vice president of Pangoo Group, made a special trip to the Haiwei Cross-border E-Commerce Center in Tianjin Free Trade Zone.

  Sun Wei, deputy director of the Harbour Bureau, and other leaders, negotiate with Wang Rutian, chairman of Haiwei Liquor Trading Market and general manager Jiang Fan,.

   Mr. Zhang gave a detailed introduction to the development of the Pangoo Group and its domestic industry. Pangoo Group is currently engaged in the business of Internet + E-commerce Industrial Park, and cooperates with global multi-party strategic partners to provide customized incubation services for SMEs.
   The senior management of the group has already had a detailed understanding and recognition of the comprehensive functions of Haiwei Cross-border E-commerce Center. During the trip to Tianjin, Mr. Zhang mainly communicated with the leaders of the bonded area on the policies it could be supported which he interested in.

  Director Sun expressed his appreciation for Pangoo Group's innovative business ideas, and conducted in-depth exchanges on the development of the industry it cares about and the benefits it can bring to the region. Through this visit, it laid a solid foundation for the next three-party cooperation.
  Since its completion, Haiwei Cross-border E-commerce Center, has attracted local governments and Enterprises from all fields came to visit..
  Mr. Wang, Rutian said that more powerful enterprises are welcomed to invest in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, and he hopes to play an active role in the economic development of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone through Haiwei Cross-border E-Commerce Center.

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